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Resumen biográfico In a project of the Franz-Volhard-Klinik, which cooperates closely with the MDC, the effects of the genetic network on cardiovascular diseases are to be unmasked. Through genetic analysis in twins, several "candidate genes best shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis scalp" could be discovered, "which could possibly adversely affect the cholesterol metabolism," said Reich. On the other hand, the researchers are also on the trail of a gene that could have a protective effect in arterial calcification.

"Maybe with this knowledge, in the next few years, we will be able to create risk assessments for cardiovascular diseases," Reich hopes. This could then - individually adapted to each individual - improve the prevention of diseases. Bioinformatics is an integrated discipline," says Jens Reich. With their help, individual scientific data would be related - a prerequisite for understanding the function of the genes. It was only through networking that new knowledge emerged, according to Reich. "Bioinformatics makes knowledge available that would not have been accessible otherwise."

At the present time, we are working intensively on the sequencing of the genome of human beings in order to draw diagnostic and therapeutic benefits from the data. In 2003, the researchers hoped to keep the genome map completely in their hands. On the other hand, the members of a consortium of companies and a foundation want to take advantage of molecular genetic data more easily and quickly: They want to create a gene map that contains only the genome segments that are most important for the development of diseases.

The magic word of this new development is like Snip and is an acronym: SNP. The three letters stand for "single-nucleotide polymorphism". We are therefore concerned with variations in individual nucleotides seborrheic dermatitis home treatment in the DNA building blocks. These variations are distributed almost uniformly over the entire genome and occur regularly at a distance of about 1000 building blocks.

The researchers have learned that SNPs can be used as genetic markers. In large-scale association studies, in which links between genetic features and disease risks are analyzed, they hope to use SNPs to identify those genes more easily than before, which contribute to the development of diseases.

One example of this pathway to success is the Apo E gene, which occurs in various variations and is associated with an early or late onset of Alzheimer's disease, depending on the constellation. "The difference in a single variation makes seborrheic dermatitis scalp cure a difference of 20 to 25 years in relation to the time of the onset of illness," explained Dr. Allen Roses, director of the worldwide genetics program of the company GlaxoWellcome, at a press conference in Hamburg. Rose has been with the company since June 1997 - after almost 27 years of research at Dukes University in Durham, North Carolina.

Where is the whole screening work done with the patients' samples? As Roses said, besides the scientists at Dukes University, researchers at the University of Western Australia in Perth and British researchers in Sheffield are also involved. "Ten companies and the Wellcome Trust are funding a project to find 300,000 SNPs to map 150,000 SNPs within two years" The analysis results should be published regularly by the involved genome centers, initially every three months , later released monthly and accessible to everyone.